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For Sale

Periodically, we will feature Antique Firearm(s) and/or related items for sale at this site.   Any firearm offered for sale will be of the antique curio/relic variety.  In accordance with existing gun laws, this includes only guns manufactured before 1898 or for which ammunition is no longer readily available. 

Click on a link below to get detailed information about the item(s) currently available for purchase and to make an offer on an item.

This is a "best offer" type of sale.  Each item for sale has a "sale end" date.  The sale ends at midnight on the "sale end" date.  If you make an offer above the current best offer and your offer is the high offer at the end of the sale then you are obligated to complete the transaction and purchase the item including any shipping/handling, insurance, and, if applicable, Pennsylvania state tax costs.

Good luck and have fun looking for that "perfect" Antique Firearm or related item to add to your collection!

Items Currently For Sale:

    No items currently available
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