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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 10795


I have in my posession a sporting shotgun given to me by my, then, father-in-law about 30 years ago. He used it when he was 12 years old for rabbit shooting. It was in a fairly neglected state and I had it brought up to firing condition by a professional gunsmith in Reading. It has not been fired since. He also made an Elephant's trunk hammer for it as this was missing. It is a muzzel loading percussion gun but appears to be a converted flintlock. I would like to know something of the maker and approximate age of the gun. The stock is of the classic English style and appears to be of mahogany with a small oval silver plate behind the breech and silver capping at the barrel end. There is chequered engraving in a band behind the breech. The barrel is of damascus twist and attached to the stock by wedges with silver plates. The length of barrel is 31 15/16" and of 3/4" bore. Over the breech is a small gold plate set into the barrell with the words 'BAYLEY LONDON'. behind this a gold band runs around the breech. The lock appears to be originally a flintlock with an insert into the touch hole. It is lightly decorated and has 'BAYLEY' enscribed. The gun is in good condition but has some evidence of corrosion around the supposed touch hole.


Charles Bayley apprenticed as a gunsmith to his father in "The Gunmakers Company" in 1824.

Submitted By: VICTOR BROWN On: 3/6/2008 12:28:50 PM

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