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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 11245


I have a Remington #1Rolling Block Sporting Rifle Creedmoor Model.44 cal.ctgs "s".The stock is streight with heavy cheek rest and Hepburn "Schuetzen" butt plate.It has a Vernier type sight and also Peep sight.The front sight is a "hooded"type. The barrell is 30" octagon bull barrel. sER,# 19XX.98% Blueing & 98% casehard.Could you help me on value? Thanks,Kenny


The standard Remington No. 1 Rolling Block short range sporting rifle was produced in 44 caliber with a 30 inch full octagon or round barrel. This rifle retails at $1400 in very good condition and $3500 in excellent condition assuming the bore is in fine condition as well. The "Schuetzen" butt plate may add some premium.

Submitted By: Kenny Clifford On: 10/3/2008 8:58:36 AM

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