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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 12575


Dear sirs, I have an old shotgun (1854 perhaps - based on my minor research) double trigger, exposed hammers. It is a Wm. Moore and marked: Between the barrels, on the top rib, " London Fine Twist". 30 inch barrels. On the bottom of the barrels with the serial number 195. This number is also on the inside of the fore grip, and the inside of the trigger guard. There are three marks on each barrel, on the bottom below the fore grip, that look like test completion marks. Two additional similar marks are on the inside top horizontal surface of the action - where the barrel lugs connect. It is marked 11 below each barrel, where gauge is often identified (as I have seen on pictures of other Wm. Moore guns but in 12 gauge). It is marked with a 1 and Ch or Gh between the barrels below the fore grip. It has quite a bit of engraving and checkering on the wood. Nicely done. On the forward most wood part of the fore grip is an inlay (ebony?) that appears to be an Indian headdress. The action is more of a silver steel color while the barrels are a dark brown color. The fore grip is disengaged with a metal slide inset into the wood. One screw on a hammer pivot is not original. There is some corrosion on the inside of the barrels where the "shells" would go. Also, on the round surfaces surrounding the firing pin holes. The condition seems good. I can send some pictures. Can you provide any information? Thank you for your time and consideration. George


William Moore & Co. were English gun makers circa 1854 to 1872. The value of these shotguns, as always, depends on grade, condition and originallity.

Submitted By: George Miller On: 5/27/2010 5:24:35 PM

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