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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 13823


Hey Ron, Just last night I found a mail from 2002 that reminded me of your site. Hope all is well and that The James Julia auctions are keeping you "out of trouble". Do you know (for sure) if it was Samuel or Charles Baum that sometimes inlaid a pretty large, ornate, silver deer on the cheek side of the stock of their New Berlin late flint rifles ? I'd send you an image but I don't think I can with this portal. I HAVE seen THIS VERY DEER before in one of my books - but as usual - I can't remember which book - and I'd like to know the answer before Christmas gets here. Hope you laughed. The gun probably just made one western migration from the Upper Susquehanna to (of all places) Nebraska - in the 1840's ? Block initials on the top flat of the barrel are JSH in caps. I see one side plate image of an attributed Charles Baum with the initials MSH - - think it could be a family (with a surname beginning in "H") that purchased from the Baums ? Gosh the web (images especially) is making all the "dot connecting" so MUCH EASIER.... By the way how many Peter Kunz rifles have you viewed over the last 20 years ? 20 - 25 ? All had the half circle notch out of the rear of the trigger - right ? What'd I tell you ? ...... Best Regards to you and yours, Phil (Please write when you can)


Hi Phil. As you are aware the Baum family of gunsmiths consisted of Charles, Jacob, Samuel Jr. and Samuel Sr. A silver deer inlay was not, as far as I am aware, a characteristic of any of them. Silver deer inlays were commercially available and were often used by any number of various gunsmiths, normally on later rifles. I have no information concerning JSH or MSH initials. I have seen a great many Jacob and Peter Kuntz guns over the years, perhaps upwards of 30. I just returned from appraising one for the Met in NYC. Good luck with your collecting.

Submitted By: Phil Rozewski On: 11/18/2016 4:53:00 PM

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