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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 13847


Hello Mr. Gabel, As a descendant of the Bernhard Schneider family of Lynn Township Lehigh Co. I have done quiet a bit of research the last ten years on the Schneiders /Snyder Families of Lynn Township and their relationship with the Hess fanily of Rifle makers. Bernhard Schneider and John Frederick Hess arrived in Philadelphia within two weeks of each other in September 1753 and they were both the same age of 33. John Schneider the Rifle maker was married to Elizabeth Hess one of Frederick Hess's daughters b.1761. Two Schneider girls, daughters of John Schneiders brothers were married to Hess sons Philip and Jonas 1. The Schneider family came to Lynn Township as John Peter Schneider the half brother of Bernhard Schneider was serving as a serf to a gun and locksmith in Linentown Northampton Co today known as New Tripoli Lehigh Co.. I have not been able to determine which gun and lock smith yet but I know John Peter came over in 1750. Anyway I have more information and documentation sources but I wanted to ask you how to get this information to someone who would be interested and could provide this information to other gun enthusiasts. Thank you, John D. Snyder


As a collector of local rifles I am, of course, interested in the research. A fellow collector is in the process of writing a series of books on the rifle makers of the area. I would strongly suggest you advise him of your research. His name is Dave Laidecker, He lives in Danville PA and his e-mail is His phone is 570-220-9523.

Submitted By: John Snyder On: 7/9/2017 12:04:13 AM

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