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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 13858


Hello, I have seen Mr. Gabel's articles on Lehigh County and early rifles in the area. I am writing my masters thesis on schuetzen groups in the United States. The first schuetzenverein on record I have found is Philadelphia 1846. There were however shooting competitions advertised prior to this in the Lehigh paper calling for schuetzen to come and compete. One was signed the South Whitehall Schuetzen I believe. I have not found evidence of any officially organized groups however. I was wondering if you had come across any in the region. Thank you very much for your time. Chris Pederson University or Wisconsin - Eau Claire


I suggest you contact the American Single Shot Rifle Association thru Marian Gibbs, 7920 S. 36th Street, Scotts MI, 49088 for information.

Submitted By: Chris Pederson On: 11/2/2018 7:44:12 PM

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