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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 13888

Question: Ron, I saw you on TV several months ago, before the Covid 19 problems, and was wanting to go to the Pennsylvania Long Rifle Museum this summer. I have a muzzle loader, that has been around our farm for years. My Grandfather used to shoot it, He was born in 1903. I shot it when I was a kid, 14 years old, now 69 years old. I remember we took a 410 shotgun slug and patched it and shot it. Hit the can about 35 yards. It has patch box, is a half stock, cap lock, may have been converted from flint? It was in very nice shape, then my Dads ex-wife took the gun and was missing from the family for 30 years, then she gave it back to her Son, My half brother and I have it back now. She stored it in a cellar and now it is rusted. I live in Sullivan Township, Tioga County, Pa., our farm goes back over 200 years, but no one, My Grandfather or Dad knew where it came from. They sad it was down in the granary for years. Robbins Rifles were made just about 3 miles the way the crow flies from our farm, but I do not think it is a Robbins. It is a back action, 34" barrel, 1" across the flats all the way to the breech plug, Inside barrel is approx. loose 3/8" or tight 7/16", don't know what caliber it would be? Wood(Walnut) starts at 22" from the front of barrel, a really small front sight and back sight is fine open sight. Two loops to hold ramrod. Brass patch box, brass curved butt plate, brass trigger guard, some brass hearts inlayed and a couple of other design inlays. It looks a lot like my CVA Big Bore Mountain Rifle. Anyway, I would love to come down to the Long Rifle Museum and if possible show the gun to you. With the Covid 19 I do not know when we will be able to travel safely. We have had only 26 cases in Tioga County, but Pennsylvania in areas is loaded. Could I send you a picture? I would just like to know the historic facts about this gun as it has been around the farm for so long. I remember My Grandfather saying He and His brother shot a crow out of the tree out back and that would have been 100 yards, probably about 1915. His brother was born 1900. I have a Fox Sterlingworth 12 ga. that My Grandfather, His brother and his Dad, each put in $6.00, so for $18.00 that and a little single shot Stevens .22, My Dad purchased for $4.00 as a young kid, he was born in 1928, so this muzzle loader was the only gun around the farm. Jack Strange 570-549-5440, Mainesburg, Pa. 16932


Answered by phone.

Submitted By: Jack Strange On: 7/27/2020 8:49:48 PM

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