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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 2737


Are you aware of any records of a Birmingham, England (or possibly a London) gunmaker named "Westwood" from the mid 19th century? I have a muzzleloading hammer shotgun (18ga.) with Birminghma proofs (2 per bbl.) that appears to be ca. 1850. It is stamped "Westwood Maker" under the bbls. Top rib shows "London Fine Twisted" (bbls. are damascus). Thanks in advance. Greg Weddle


Isaiah Westwood is a Birmingham gunsmith listed at 16 Weaman Street in 1868; Joseph Westwood is a Birmingham gunsmith listed at 44 Livery Street 1829-33 and at 70 Great Charles Street from 1834 to 1845; Josiah Westwood is a Birmingham gunsmith on Price Street in 1868; Maria Westwood is a Birmingham gunsmith at 7 Whittall Street in 1849 and O. Westwood is a Birmingham gunsmith at Dean's Yard Weaman Street 1857-60 and 16A Weaman Street in 1861.

Submitted By: Greg Weddle On: 11/9/2002 10:59:38 AM

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