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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 2868


Hello, I picked up a raised carved French flintlock pistol this weekend that I believe dates to the 1760's. It has Antoine Dumares on the lock. Can you tell me anything about the maker, like the time period he made guns and where it was made? Also, after I got home with the gun, upon further inspection, I found a piece of paper rolled up down inside the barrel written in French with a mans name on it. It is 3 lines of writing that I'm still trying to make out and translate. If you're interested and can give me any info, I'd greatly appreciate it. E-mail me and I can also email some good pics of the gun if you'd like to see it-THANKS-TOM


Antoine Dumarest was the brother of Joseph Dumarest who were both working as gunsmiths in St. Etienne France circa 1733 - 1808.

Submitted By: Tom Robinson On: 11/18/2002 8:23:41 PM

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