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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 3462


I have purchased a firearm for the sole purpose of putting it on the wall to to display my intrest and love of firearms. I however have been face with on more than one occasion a question of a manufacture and age and I am unable to answer. Your websit has been helpfull in the respect that this type of gun was produced in mass quantities and has very little value which is fine becuase I paid little for it, but being a collector I would like to know as much about the gun as I can. The gun is a side by side double trigger 12 ga. shotgun. The markings that I can make out across to top are "Belguim" then "Fine Damascous Barrels" down the center and "Full Choke" on the left barrel. There is a circle at the aft end of the barrels in the center that looks as if it contains a crest that may have some type of name in it. Then underneath the right barrel E over L G inside a crowned cicle(Which I have learned from your website references only belguim made). Then "NON POUR BALLE" Then 17.4 over 181. There is also a crest that may have an "S" in the center. Under the left barrel the same E over L G,then 18.2 and a "GR". Underneath down the center is stamped a bolt with a diamond head , 0 2 4 6 then midway down the barrel is 2 9 8 then 2. On the frame on both sides is an engraved stagg with the word "PROGRESS" inside. The frame also contains the stamp 2 9 8 so this must be the serial # and then the bolt with the diamond head. It also has an ivory front sight. I would appreciate any information you could give me on this gun, and I will also apoligize in advance if this gun turns out not to fit within your criteria of pre-1898 firearms. Thanks, Jim Carlile


Shotguns marked Progress inside a Running Stag were manufactured by Fabrique d'Armes Unies de Liege who were Belgium gunmakers from 1919 to date.

Submitted By: Jim Carlile On: 1/2/2003 8:15:48 PM

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