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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 3522


Hi Ron, I acquired a 16 ga. shotgun. Found nothing specific in GabelGuns search. One side of barrel has "Manufacture Francaise D'Armes Et Cycles De Saint Etienne, other side is "Fusil Robust Brevete S.G.D.G. Also has an "MF" stamp inside a circle and a "PT" stamp. Additionally stamped is what looks like crossed cannons with an arrow thru them. Any information would really be appreciated...thanks!


The letters "MF" was a monogram (encircled, enwreathed and/or two cannons in Saltire) with the tail of the "M" forming the vertical of "F" that was used on a range of guns and accessories made by Manufacture Francaise d'Armes et Cycles de Saint Etienne, later known as MFAC or Manufrance.

Submitted By: tom kelly On: 1/6/2003 1:58:22 PM

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