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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 399


I'm trying to find a rough date and worth of a British Sharpe Flintlock pistol my father left me. It was made by Sharpe with "SHARPE EXTRA PROOF" on the 0.675 cal brass barrel and "Sharpe" on the lock. My guess is the mid-1700s, but the only reference I could find on Sharpe Arms lists them as manufaturing during the 1670-1690 period, which seems to me to early for the metallurgy of the weapon (or am I wrong?). The piece is in very good condition with some scrolling decoration on the brasswork. The only real strikes against it is some old wood restoration in the butt area and my dad's SSN on the barrel (it was in plain sight on the mantel and he was afraid of burglars. Any insight into the dat and worth of this sidearm?


William Sharpe was on Livery of Loriners Co. in 1756 and served as master in 1765. He was joined by his son William, as ordinence contractor, in 1781. He was described as a gunmaker and engraver at 46 Little Minorities, London with a house in Hare Ct., Aldersgate 1781-83. He died in 1786. The value of your gun is reduced due to the restoration and the addition of your dads SSN. My guess to a retail value under $300.00.

Submitted By: Bruce Clough On: 3/14/2000 9:15:24 PM

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