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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 5120


Ron, This is a revised submission due to an error by my inability to count the holes in the barrel: Ron, I have a 22 caliber Pieper (Belgum) multi-barrel that fires seven 22LR cartridges all at a time. There are seven chambers in the one solid barrel with the ejector (hand operated) that removes all seven at once. The rifle has a date on the barrel and stock of 1846. Through the years I've been told there were 4 of these in North America. And 3 in museums. (1 in Canada and 2 in Belgum) I am unable to locate the other 3 or any others, for that matter. I have been offered $5000.00 for the gun but, I don't know if it's worth that or possibly more. Ron, I have donated to the site and hopefully you can give me any particulars on this Pieper rifle. Thanks much, Robin Big Piney, Wy


Robin, I sincerely want to thank you for your contribution. I'm sorry I have been unable to locate any information on your particular revolver as I suspect it was produced after 1898. Nicolas Pieper & Cie, Liege, Belgium was a gunmaking business that made 22 rimfire sporting guns, many of which were single shot auto-ejecting half automatics operated by blowback. The Piepers had simple cylindrical receivers, with charging handles on the right side of their reciprocating bolts. Production was confined to 1909-1913. Your earlier date could be a patent date. In any case your gun will be of great interest to the collector of oddities and very much in demand.

Submitted By: Robin Miley On: 11/21/2003 1:50:37 PM

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