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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 5612


A friend of mine has a Charles Daly side by side 10 ga. shotgun #2870, inscribed on the top of the center rib is "CHARLES DALY EXTRA FINE DAMASCUS BARRELS DIAMOND QUALITY MADE EXPRESSLY FOR W.M.SUTCLIFFE ". The gun also has a blank oval on the underside of the stock, which I have heard made reference to, but don't know the significance thereof. My question is, can you tell me where and when the gun was made, any approximate value and the identification of W.M. Sutcliffe? Please help! Thank you, Gerry.


Charles Daly was a Harrisburg PA importer of German, Japanese and Italian shotguns and combination guns. The diamond grade side by side retails at $1500 in good condition, I suspect W.M. Sutcliffe was a dealer who handled Daly shotguns. This is too new for my area of expertise.

Submitted By: Gerry Gutchess On: 1/16/2004 4:57:07 PM

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