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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 6483


My dad has a winchester 25-20 with an octagon barrel. The front sight is like a cresent moon laying on its back with two white dots at each point the sight at the end of the barrel also has this white dot which you line up between the front two. I thought this was what was referred to as bull horn sights but dad said they were not the same. Can you date this weapon and what is its value? Also, do these sights have a specific "nick name" like the "bull horn" sights?


I believe you might have a Winchester Model 1892 which was the first Winchester lever-action rifle chambered for the 25-20 cartridge. This rifle was available in several different configurations each having their own unique value. The Model 1892 was built between 1892 and 1932. The sights you are referring to are called "Buck-Horn" sights.

Submitted By: kathy hawk On: 5/14/2004 11:13:05 PM

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