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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 6487


My uncle recently bought a gun at an auction and was interested in any information about it. It is a single-shot, break open, exposed hammer firearm and has two different insriptions. the one on the receiver reads "Hopkins & Allen Arms Company Norwich, Conn USA" and the one on the barrel reads "SEMPERT & KRIEGHOFF SUHL" as far as we can tell it is approximately a .38 caliber. Our best guess is that it is a Hopkins and allen shotgun receiver with a rifle barrel fitted to it. The receiver and barrel don't match that well and it was said at the auction that the previous owner had the barrel made to fit the receiver. any info would be helpful


Sempert and Krieghoff began trading in Suhl in 1886, intending to make firearms and electrical components. The founders were Ludwig Krieghoff and an otherwise obscure Germano-American who had worked with Thomas Edison. The firm is listed as a gunmaking business in 1900. The company continued trading until 1941 in Suhl.

Submitted By: Matthew Wilson On: 5/15/2004 7:08:18 PM

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