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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 6489


Hi - I have an 1883 Colt SAA that was sold by Colt to E. C. Meacham Arms in St. Louis. I also have an 1884 Meacham Catalog that lists the guns currently, (December 1884) for sale. The Colt was $13.75, engraving $2.50, nickel plating .31 cents and so on. My question concerns the grips or stocks available at that time. It lists among others, ivory $2.50 and pearl $9.37. It further lists "ox head ivory $6.25 and ox head pearl at $16.87! Do you have any idea what the term "ox head" indicates. The pearl stocks are more than the gun! Really curious in Florida. Thanks Bill Hurst Ft. Pierce, FL


Sorry for the delay, my web site was down with a major problem. Some Colt Ivory grips had a relief carved "Steers Head" or "Ox Head" carved onto the top side of the grip. I suspect these grips are the ones you are referring to.

Submitted By: Bill Hurst On: 5/16/2004 5:14:08 PM

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