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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 6490


I would like to ask if you know of the company JP Clabrough & Brothers. I have a display case with what i believe is half an assembled flint lock (please note i am unsure if that is the correct term) from one of their guns. and also displayed beneath it is all the parts that make up the reverse side of the 'flint lock' itself. They are both engraved with the detail of name J P Clabrough & Bro along with a picture of what appears to be game birds flying. If you know where i may be able to find out more about the piece, or do do know yourself, please contact me. I would be most appreciative. I will attempt to email you a picture of the item, upon reciept of your reply. many thanks. P N


Claborough Brothers, Birmingham, Warwickshire. This English gunmaking business, sometimes mistakenly listed as American, was first listed in 1872 at 8 Whittall Street. It became J.P. Claborough & Brothers in 1882 at 7 1/2 St. Mary's Row - then J.P. Claborough & Johnstone about 1893, when a London office was operated at 52 Leaden Hall Street (1893 - 95 only). Trading continued until 1902 or later. Claborough & Golcher, 630 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, California in the 1870's handled English made Claborough Brothers shotguns until 1890 or later.

Submitted By: Paul Nugent On: 5/17/2004 10:31:16 AM

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