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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 7147


I have a Hopkins & Allen revolver that I took apart to have it nickel plated. When I took the trigger out and then a part behind the trigger, which I think is the sear, a little button (.130 dia x .206 long) & a coil spring fell out. In putting the gun back together, I can't figure out what these parts are for or where they go. There is the hammer spring, the trigger spring and the spring in the trigger assembly that controls the hand, but then there is this above spring and button. The gun is marked HOPKINS & ALLEN MFG. CO. PAT. JAN.586 X.L. DOUBLE ACTION 32 CAL. CENTER FIRE. If you can help or tell be where I can get a diagram it would be great. Thank you Dave


I am not a gunsmith and do not have access to and diagrams or exploded views of antique firearms. I also do not perform my own gunsmithing work. I do know that in the frame behind the trigger there should be a small hole into which a coil spring should rest with a "little button" between it and the trigger. I suspect this is where your "lost" spring and button should be placed.

Submitted By: Dave Vensland On: 12/6/2004 7:45:34 AM

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