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Here is Ron Gabel's answer to question number 721


I'm in the process of registering my firearms, which includes a shotgun that belonged to my grandfather. It is a double barrel, SxS 12 Ga. with J. Manton & Co. stamped on it. It also has 'Royal Damascus', 'LD 6', and a bunch of proof marks stamped on it. There does not seem to be any serial number or year though. There is a small box of shells for it, the hammers are external (?), there are two triggers....I don't know how else to describe it - I don't have it in front of me. What can you tell me about this firearm? Any info would be appreciated - both for registration and for my own interest. Thanks!


J. Manton and Co. was a name attached to a Belgium made shotgun sold under that house brand name by the H & D Folsom Arms Co. of 312-314 Broadway in New York, NY. Beginning about 1890 the company was an importer and distributer of firearms and general sporting goods. Assuming this is your shotgun, the barrel should be marked with a small oval proof which includes the letters E over LG. There were also a group of Manton gun makers in London in which case the proofs would be English. Your J. Manton & Co. marking suggests Belgium manufacture.

Submitted By: Matt Naismith On: 12/3/2001 2:20:29 PM

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